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Customer Reviews
Richard J.

I believe in the power of reviews and wouldn't hesitate to post a negative review after trying diligently (and reasonably) to get the business to resolve my issue...

That being said, I also believe that a LOT of people just don't want to get ripped off when paying for repairs, so here's MY story of How Classic Guys Plumbing gave me EXCELLENT service and showed HONESTY. I would highly recommend you give em a shot... I tried them based on another recommendation from a FB group for my area!

I had a leaking back hose spigot with only about 3" of pipe sticking out of stucco, I thought it needed replaced and called. I was going to be out of town, discussed my expectations and what I expected to pay (I didn't want to try to sweat the copper myself or risk stucco work if I screwed it up- time to pay a pro). They arranged everything over the phone, refused to accept payment up front, and said to call when I had cell service. They guy found out that the packing nut only needed tightened, NO CHARGE. He could have easily replaced it and charged me several hundred dollars, and I would never have known. They will get my business from now on... thank you!!!




Garbage Disposal Jammed
Melissa C.

They are amazing!! Not only were they able to come out on short notice when my garbage disposal jammed but they also did not charge me for the service. They are always respectful and professional!! I would recommend them to anyone.




Best Plumber in Town!
Jera B.

We have used Clifton for all of our remodels, he is always on time and responsive when we need him last minute! I highly suggest Classic Guys Plumbing. Pricing can't be beat and he will actually beat any quote you give him!




Our "Go-To"
Misty M.

We hired Classic guys on a few occasions. They got back to us very quick. The work was done fast. And pricing was very fair and up front. When we have any plumbing needs. They are our go to and would highly suggest them for any work.

We had a sink plumbed and another time they replaced my disposal!




Very Happy Customers,
Even When Away From Home!
Vicky L.

Very happy customers. Great customer service. Thank you for the shower and toilet replacement.

UPDATE on using Classic Guys Plumbing Again:

We went out of town and our adult daughter noticed our hot water heater started leaking in the evening. She did not know how to turn off main water and tried to hook up a hose to drain it. We had her call Clifton - Classic Guys Plumbing and they came over at 9PM and made sure the gas was turned off correctly to the hot water heater, they got it hooked up to drain over night and reassured our daughter all was fine when she was worried. The next day Classic Guys Plumbing came and uninstalled the old hot water heater and reinstalled a new one and hooked everything back up to the water softener.

All this was done while we were on vacation and we came home and it was like it never happened.

Thank you Classic Guys for taking care of it while we were gone. We appreciate you and love your customer service!




Help for my daughter!
Dale Marie I.

Help for my daughter!

My daughter lives in Chandler AZ she had a bad clogged kitchen drain. She definitely didn't have time to get quotes from plumbers since her time is full with her three children. That being said, I live in CA I started the footwork of calling multiple plumbing companies in the Chandler area. I called 9 different companies being it was Saturday many wanted to charge emergency rates to go to her home today; also some were quoting outrageous amounts while stating a long version of what's involved in snaking a drain.

It's sad to feel that companies would give such high quotes because the hear a female on the phone. I felt like they thought I was naive and didn't know any better. Little did they know we are family of different trades in CA. I then called Classic Guys Plumbing I left a message on a voicemail and received a call back shortly from Clifton. I explained our dilemma and the urgency to remedy this issue since my daughter has been dealing with this for two week. Clifton explained he works on Saturdays therefore we would not be charge emergency rates. He was lower in price than the others I spoke with and said he could be at her house after he finished the repair he was at it would be about 1-2 hours. Clifton arrived snaked out the drain and the water started flowing great through the drain. Now here is where Clifton went above and beyond he then noticed my daughters pipe to the garbage disposal had a leak. He ran to Home Depot bought a few items to stop the leaking pipe and didn't even charge her a penny more than he quoted me on the phone for the drain repair. Clifton is the best when it comes to honesty, compassion to satisfy his customer, his availability at the last minute repair request and the best price in Chandler AZ.

Clifton just earned himself a lifelong customer and I will refer him to my other family members and friends in Chandler AZ. Thank you Clifton for everything you did to assist my family with their issues. You are truly the best!!!




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